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Meet our exhibitors right in the middle of the SwissTech Convention Center’s Garden Level. Research institutions, private companies, science media and more – exhibitors will come brimming with information about their research and their missions. Your role is to provide the nagging questions. Take a coffee, stroll around, and join the conversation.

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Exhibitors List

1  Swiss Science Lounge - «Let’s talk about Swiss Science»

2  European Union

3  Celgene

4/5  Italian Embassy in Bern presenting scientific research in Italy

6  City of Lausanne and Canton of Vaud

7  Genomic Health

8  Save Our Seas Foundation SOSF

9  ETH Zurich

10  European Animal Research Association (EARA)

11  The ITER Organisation

12  Johnson & Johnson

13  Bertarelli Foundation

14  Bertarelli Foundation

15  Frontiers

16  Republic of Korea (IBS & KIST)

17  The Science Academies of the UK, the USA and Germany

18  Copernicus ECMWF

19  Hokkaido University

20  Interactions Collaboration

21  Swiss 3RCC

22  SciDev.Net

23  CO2GeoNet

24  Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering

25  RIKEN & National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

26  IBM Research

27  SKA Observatory

29  -

30  Newswise

31  Medicines for Malaria Venture

32  International Resource Panel

33  European Southern Observatory (ESO)

34  Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes

35  Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)

36  IAEA

37  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

38  UNESCO – The UN specialized agency for science and freedom of expression in science

39  The MIT Press

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