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Connecting science journalism and science with people and culture

WCSJ2019 will transcend Lausanne’s rich cultural life with various activities, reaching people of different backgrounds and cultural interests. These activities take advantage of the fact that many well-established science-related cultural events and venues already exist in Lausanne, from theatre to museums to concept bars.

Involve the next generation

A special opportunity will be offered to children of middle school age (12-13 years old) as part of the regional holiday programme for children. Taking advantage of the open doors many labs will have for WCSJ2019, youngsters will get the opportunity to visit, learn, ask questions, and then create articles in various formats in two hands-on workshops with science journalists, with the support of the EPFL’s Science Outreach Department (EPFL - VPE SPS).


Science journalism partners with the big screen

Just as science journalists, writers and editors are gathering for WCSJ2019 in Lausanne, in nearby Geneva, just some 30 minutes away by train, the CineGlobe Festival at CERN will be getting underway. Established in 2007, CineGlobe is a festival of films inspired by science. Its goals are to showcase the best new productions, to provide an opportunity for film-makers to network and to encourage the public to reflect on the links between fiction and reality as well as between science and life.

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