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Support in different ways is crucial for WCSJ2019, and the organisers are fully committed to securing maximum impact for its supporters. At the same time, science journalism and communication rely fully on independence and integrity to thrive. Therefore, while welcoming supporters, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of WCSJ2019, in agreement with the World Federation of Science Journalists WFSJ, has set the following guidelines in order to ensure a successful conference for both participants and supporters:

  1. All specifically supported activities will be declared and labelled as such. Supporters will be prominently recognized.

  2. The LOC alone will decide on topics and content of the conference core-programme. However, the LOC will work together with supporters to ensure that their presence adds value to the meeting and is accepted and appreciated by attendees.

  3. To avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest, direct or title support of speakers or attendees will not be solicited or accepted by the LOC

  4. Pre- and post-conference activities may be organised by supporters in consultation with the LOC.

  5. Meeting credentials (name badges) will not carry supporters logos.

  6. At any time, any attendee will remain entirely free to attend or to leave an event or activity organised by a supporter.

  7. Attendees will decide on their own and at any given time what personal and professional information to share with supporters and hosts.

  8. WCSJ2019 is committed to environmental sustainability. Advertising material used and distributed by supporters must meet current standards of eco-friendly production.


General supporters will be recognized on many occasions throughout WCSJ2019 according to their support category.

Mont-Blanc > 250’000 CHF (2x)

  • Recognition in all print and online materials, signage, digital displays and banner stands, as one of the two primary underwriters of WCSJ2019

  • Mention with name and logo on placeholder slides at panel discussions

  • Mention on signage indicating current events taking place in each room

  • Mention at the opening ceremony, at the Olympic Museum Welcome reception, at the farewell evening and at the closing ceremony

  • Logo recognition throughout the conference website

  • Website page profiling research and mission

  • Strong presence on conference newsletter and blog

  • Exhibit space (if required): large (12sqm)

  • Bag insert

  • Discount on advertising space in programme

  • Complimentary registrations: 5

  • A contact list of conference delegates who have consented to share their contact details

Matterhorn > 50’000+ CHF (8x)

  • Recognition in all print and online materials, signage, digital displays and banner stands

  • Mention at the opening and closing ceremonies

  • Logo recognition throughout the conference website

  • Link in conference newsletter

  • Exhibit space (if required): medium (6sqm)

  • Bag insert

  • Discount on adverstiisng space in programme

  • Complimentary registrations: 2

  • A contact list of conference delegates who have consented to share their contact details

Gran Paradiso > 30’000+ CHF

  • Recognition on signage, digital displays and banner stands

  • Name and logo featured on website in dedicated space

  • Link in conference newsletter

  • Exhibit space: small (3sqm), at discounted price

  • Complimentary registrations: 2

  • A contact list of conference delegates who have consented to share their contact details

Mont Dolent > 10’000+ CHF

  • Name and logo recognition on website and mention in programme

  • Complimentary registrations: 1

  • A contact list of conference delegates who have consented to share their contact details

Contributor > 5’000+ CHF

  • Name in programme and on dedicated space on website

Companion > 1’000 CHF

  • Name in programme and on dedicated space on website


Long-term project support > 60-80’000 CHF/per project

Multiple supporters are possible for each project  

In the framework of WCSJ2019, three long-term projects will bring together science journalists for further education, networking and cooperation. These projects will begin before the conference, in spring 2018, and will be presented at the conference in 2019.                 

a) Science Journalism Video Masterclasses
Top science journalists from around the world will talk about their daily work in an engaging and dynamic video format. The videos will be prepared ahead of WCSJ2019, but produced during the conference in Lausanne. Some will be presented for the first time towards the end of the main conference programme. As part of the legacy of WCSJ2019, these Video Masterclasses will be available through the World Federation of Science Journalists’ website. Supporters will be credited in each video.

b) Struggle with politics
In times of political pressure on science, many scientists choose to enter the public sphere more prominently. Some even decide to embark on a political career. In this project, journalists from around the world will follow one such scientist closely for several months as they embark on their political journey. The resulting multimedia stories will be presented at WCSJ2019, along with elements of self-reflection on journalism’s role in relation to the contribution of science to democracy. Supporters will be mentioned in the references of all journalistic contributions, as well as during the related events.


Pre-conference workshop/symposium > Depending on event

Immediately ahead of the conference, three pre-conference workshops and symposia will cover a range of topical issues. The findings of these day-long events will be presented at the conference.    

a) Projet Francophonie
In association with several French and French-speaking scientific institutions, a sustainable network will be assembled, creating a global marketplace for French-language science journalists, writers and communicators. An important focus will be bringing colleagues from African and Arabic countries to Lausanne through scholarships.
b) Balkan School of Science Journalism 2019
Organised by the Balkan Network of science journalists, this event will ensure the presence of many journalists from the Balkans at WCSJ2019. Together with the long-term Balkan Partnership project, it aims at deepening the already strong ties between the Balkan region and Central Europe.

c) Science Documentaries of the Future
This workshop will be offered in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) based in Geneva. It will teach participants the art of producing quality television science documentaries, an area in which the EBU has considerable expertise and resources.


Replacing or completing points in 1.

Opening gala (Monday 1st July 2019) > 120’000 CHF
(2 opportunities possible: 60’000 CHF)

Olympic Welcome Reception (Tuesday 2nd July 2019) > 100’000 CHF

Gala dinner (Wednesday 3rd July 2019) > 150’000 CHF

(3 opportunities possible: 50’000 CHF)
Farewell event (Thursday 4th July 2019) > 100’000 CHF

(3 opportunities possible: 30’000 CHF (3x))
Private luncheon > 20’000 CHF

(6 opportunities) Max. 25 attendants participate in an event (with lunch provided) where you communicate and discuss the content of your choice

Private breakfast > 18’000 CHF
(6 opportunities) Max. 25 attendants participate  in an event (with breakfast provided) where you communicate and discuss the content of your choice

Press conference onsite during conference days > 15’000 CHF
(2 opportunities) You present the news of your choice

Coffee and beverage bar in the Garden hall > 30’000 CHF
Name and logo presented on all bar tables

Special region day support > 50’000 CHF
(2 opportunities) Travel and accommodation for 10-20 participants from the special regions (Balkans, French-speaking Africa) throughout the conference

International travel grants for attendees > 4’000 CHF/p.pers.
(up to 100 opportunities; participation in a common pot; grantees selection will solely be made by the organizers of the conference; possibility to organise a special meeting with attributed supported attendees)    

Simultaneous translation French <-> English > 30’000 CHF
Mention of supporter before each translation, and in the programme

Advertisements in the printed programme > Various prices
(half page) > 3’000 CHF
(full page) > 6’000 CHF
(inside front or back page) > 8’000 CHF

Video recordings of the conference on YouTube > 60’000 CHF
Multiple 10’000 CHF – Supporting opportunities possible

Field Trips > 2’000-10’000 CHF
Scientific institutions are invited to offer and to organise a visit to their infrastructures,
This gives them the opportunity to show and explain their resarch to dedicated science
journalists. In order to support the organisation of the main event (a prerequisite
for the field trips to take place), a contribution (no strings attached) is also expected,
depending on the status of the institution.

Official conference website supporter > 40’000 CHF

Conference website advertisements > To be discussed

Newsletter advertisements > Various prices

Conference bag supporter > 30’000 CHF

Conference bag produced in special region, fair, ecofriendly

Conference bag inserts > To be discussed
Wayfinding wall > 20’000 CHF

Prominently located in the SwissTechConferenceCenter entrance area

Lanyards > 15’000 CHF
Ecofriendly, sustainable, fair

Charging station for mobiles, laptops etc. > 7’500 CHF

Networking lounge > 20’000 CHF

Comfortable seating and coffee where attendees can relax; supporter can have presence

WiFi > 20’000 CHF
With a brief supporter screen or pop-up when launched    

Conference transportation > 20-30’000 CHF

Branded bus transport


Large > 10’000 CHF
(12sqm; + 2 free registrations)  


Medium > 5’500 CHF

(9sqm; + 2 free registrations) 

Small > 3’200 CHF
(6sqm; + 2 free registrations)

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