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Don’t miss the Startup street market. Located in the main hall of the SwissTech Convention Center, it’s the number one place to meet leading startups in the field of journalism. At the market, you will have the opportunity to discover and test innovative technologies and tools to help the work of newsrooms and teams of journalists. There will be tools for both freelancers and publishers, provided by pioneers in app development for the media. You will meet the developers behind some of the most innovative recent applications, addressing issues ranging from device-dependent image optimization to augmented reality, video streaming, search result improvement, content sharing, and more. Come back to this page as the conference approaches for the latest news – the list of stall holders will be updated as more come on board.


Kontextlab offers a web publishing software to visually display

complex topics with interactive non-linear knowledge maps. With these

maps users can playfully investigate all relevant aspects of one topic

by literally delving deeper.

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QUEST Yourself

Come and play! Discover ways to improve your journalism strategies, objectivity and effectiveness! QUEST Yourself is both a game and a professional tool created within QUEST EU project. It helps to unveil how journalists approach their reporting.

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Science Prose On-Demand- is a digital content creation platform magnifying the impact of research ideas by transforming complex knowledge into simple messages to better inform target audiences.

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Dilium - Augmented reality

Dilium helps companies in the creation of high-tech solutions with the goal of providing significant support in the growth of their business. With the skills and expertise at our disposal, we aim to rewrite the rules of business and management in Digital areas such as: AR / VR, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithm & CMS, Digital Transformation, Media & Performance Technology.

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Hindenburg Systems is a Danish software company specialising in intuitive, portable solutions for professional audio production. We provide innovative technological features that allow audio raconteurs to focus on telling a great story, while our software ensures broadcast quality results.

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Unistellar is a French citizen science start-up that makes a revolutionary powerful digital consumer telescope, the first of its kind to reveal galaxies, nebulae, comets, in unparalleled crisp and colorful detail, while contributing to science thanks to a partnership with the SETI Institute.

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Lunaphore is a Swiss company, founded in 2014, building an innovative and fully automated tissue processing device for cancer diagnostics. The cutting-edge technology, based on microfluidics, allows obtaining faster and more precise diagnostic results than standard techniques, as demonstrated through clinical trials on cancer patient samples. Different prototypes have so far been tested in hospitals in Switzerland and internationally. Lunaphore, which has been many times recognized for its innovation, strives to become a leading medical device company for cancer tissue diagnostics.

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